Integratori Donna

Fillergyn Vagicream is a new generation of cosmetic cream which isusing natural highly purified active compounds that lead on supportinganti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial actions and pain modulating action.

Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Echinacea, Essential oils of Lavanda, AngelicaArchangelica, Almond oil, oats and Vitamine E.


 Almond oil  Veg  20mg  Soothing / nourishing
 Hyaluronic Acid    80mg  
 MSM    200mg  
 Vit E  Veg  100  
 Oast  Veg  100mg  Anti-erythema reddening / Itching
 Lavanda Oli  Veg    Antibacterial
 Angelica arcangelica  Veg    Anti-candida
 Echinacea     Immuno-adapter

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